Wednesday, September 10, 2014

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Pink All Over - V2

Pink All Over - V2

"I've never been in a situation like this before," said Hailey. Frank assured her: "It's totally normal! Your inhibitions just melt away. We want to show you how fun it is!" Wife Lauren chimed in: "Ooooh, she's blushing! We'll have to teach her a few things..."


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Many experienced fuckers find out that you can usually get better depth boning a petite pussy from top position. Sexual ground and pound allows you to use your mass to probe the inner depths of her mouth pussy or ass. One of the few drawbacks to having sex with a petite model under 100 pounds is that many find it difficult to get all the way down on your dick from top position. What makes Mia Lina special is her deep desire to muscle her way all the way down on a thick dick like she is playing ring-toss with her vagina.You have to admire Mia's erotic determination!- Relentless

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Holly Taylor High Pressure Messy Squirt

Holly Taylor is a blonde with serious ambition. Watch as her pussy is fingered and her clit vibrated in this scene. She is clearly getting off by it as Porno Dan goes in deep milking her g-spot and hoping to make her squirt female cum for the first time. All it takes is a little hard and deep finger bang for her to literally drench the leather couch she is perched on top of. She squirts with such force her jizz goes everywhere including right onto the camera lens!

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