Wednesday, September 10, 2014

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Sexy Tortured Titties

First we find Luna standing with legs spread with ankles tied apart and outward. Elbows and wrists brought together behind her back. She has a 16 lb. bowling ball hanging from her cunt. A 12 lb. ball hangs from her neck. Her double D tits are tightly wrapped with 4mm hemp. I tie a leather cord between her two nipple clamps and the swinging bowling ball. I pop in a metal spider gag and press the Hitachi against her clit. Suddenly she asks for permission to cum through her ring gag. She is warned not to do it. She has an explosive orgasm without permission. Then tells us the crotch rope is really hurting her. That it is painful. I place clothespins around her big tits. In the end, after she endured a good caning on her tits I removed the bowling ball and vibed her off. Vibed her until she warned me that she needed to cum. Until she sprayed all over the floor without permission because she could not stave it off.Next up for Luna is the Lotus position. Legs folded and bound and her big double D tits are nipple clamped pulling her chest forward toward her ankles. She is ball gagged. Her arms are already in a box tie. It is a position that gets desperate quick when you cannot rest your back. I step in and push her over onto her back with her pussy and asshole now exposed...if you can see it through the hair. I have got a fuck stick in my hand and then the Hitachi gets added to the mix. She grunts and groans. She throws her head back...ball gagged. She gets fucked harder and becomes even more desperate. It does not take long before she is asking to cum. But before giving her permission I stop and replace the Hitachi with the Eroscillator. Within seconds she is spraying. Finally Luna and her big Double Ds are being tied on an old dirty mattress. Her legs bent back and bound with a heavy metal collar around her neck. Manacles are placed around her wrists. The manacles are attached to the pole extending from her neck. A ring gag is inserted into her face hole. The White Boy gets shoved in her cunt. That is followed with the Hitachi to her clit. She does not just gasp...she calls out. She begs for release. She tells me...I need to cum...I keep fucking her with the fuck stick...warning her not to cum. She begs and then starts to spray.

Talia Palmer

Opportunity knocks at the oddest moments. Meat slingers, Shane Diesel and Jack Napier, were complaining about flaky whores when superfan, Talia Palmer, interrupted their discussion with words of praise. Right off the bat both black bulls could sense Talia's desire to fuck both of them with monetary compensation the last thing on her mind. Talia's fascination brought her to the studio where both veterans gave her a brief schooling on interracial porn.After all, this would be her first scene ever let alone an interracial one. Talia Palmer was soon disrobed by Shane and Jack while her curiosity brought out her inner whore. She knew that she'd have a tough time taking both Kong sized cocks in her mouth let alone in her white pussy. She alternated between both black cocks until her eyes were as soaked as the pussy that was rubbing against the carpet. Talia's love for big black cock came into fruition when her tiny hole was slowly expanded as a black cock drilled its way deep inside her. No mercy was shown on Talia as her mouth and pussy were constantly stuffed full of black cock but she managed to exclaim her love for black dick. With balls slapping against her ass and her perfect rack bouncing in all directions,Talia was getting dissected by our 2 black bulls and she loved every inch they were dishing out. Talia Palmer's trip to L.A was a landmark one that saw her fuck black cocks for the first time and losing her video virginity on

Blacks On Blondes

Repeat performance

Simon from Iceland had been in Amsterdam for a couple of days already so he had the chance to visit the local coffeeshops. He also fell in love with a girl that has performed before on our site, Annet, and of course he wanted to fuck her while he was over here. Well, who were we to refuse him? We went over to Annets spot, negotiated with her and Simon could have his wicked way...

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