Friday, September 12, 2014

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Would You Like Make-Up or a Hang Job?

Everyone has their local make-up saleswoman handing out catalogs, trying to unload her inventory. Times are tough and no one is buying. The sales girl we have for you today has been doing just fine. Her client books keeps growing and growing. But it is strange most of them are men. We had to find out the reason to her success. Whenever she knocks on a door to present her inventory, she does it totally naked. Now we get all the dudes buying make-up. Her next client tries to close the door on her since his girlfriend is home. But she let's her in. She needs some make-up. Another service the make-up lady offers is hand jobs. Her customer hates jerking off her boyfriend. She does want to see if the oil works well. So she allows her make-up saleswoman to stroke her boyfriend's cock. Two birds/One stone. She also throws make-up parties. Would you like an invite?

Eve Batelle - Massaging my Arches & Bare Feet-HD

My feet ache SO much, I just have to massage my soles, showing off my new flip flops before dangling them off my bare feet!

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